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Shredding Metal Beasts is a two-hour weekly show that features music from underground metal from all over the world. Host Baron Craze, and his witty (and usually profanity laden) banter, brings an attitude fit for a show such as this. Shredding Metal Beasts will bring the world of metal to you, the listener who is always hungry for more. Rest assured, this Beast will definitely ravage your appetite for metal!!!




Shredding Metal Beasts (SMB) started in August 2014, when friends in various bands informed me of the trouble of getting airplay, listening to shows lacking that passion for the music,and full of a lot BS. Hence, already successful with my horror podcast Baron’s Crypt, I launched an independent show, offensive – YES, Politically Incorrect – YES. It started with local bands and grew to worldwide bands, underground with the bands pouring the sweat and blood into their craft, in the beginning playing every genre of metal, though another show hatched out of it, called Sinister Death (black/death/grindcore)named an Abomination to Decency by many Christian Groups. Now four years later SMB works with countless PR Firms, over 300 labels worldwide over 200k in tracks we continue the insanity of rage!

Needless to say, one should be over 18-years old and not thin-skinned, weak minded.



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