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The NWOBHM began as an underground phenomenon in the late 70’s and continued well into the 80’s. Thousands of bands came out of this era and some gained international success such as Iron Maiden and Def Leppard. Others like Diamond Head, Saxon, Raven and Tokyo Blade, each capitalized on the era and contributed to the millions of albums sold. Many bands have continued to release albums at present and it’s not uncommon to catch those same bands playing live today. The movement owes its early success to Neal Kay (Radio DJ) for his consistent push to get the music on the radio airwaves in the UK.
To commemorate the impact of such an important part of Heavy Metal Music History, Crushing Metal Radio will honor the fans, history and bands that contributed to the movement by creating a featured radio show called “NWOBHM Bangers N Mash”. “It’s Bloody Mad”!
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